Long Distance Moving to New Destinations

Long Distance Moving

It can be hard trying to find long distance moving services at a reasonable rate. At KingPin Services, we work with you to develop a personalized quote to ease the already stressful moving process and save you money. Whether you’re relocating just outside of the county or to a completely different area of California, we’ll make sure to pack and transport your belongings with care to ensure safe transport during the journey.

No-Stress Long Distance Moving Services

No matter where life is taking you, KingPin Services is there and ready to make the journey as smooth as possible with stress-free long distance moving services. Book with us and let our crew and equipment take care of you.

We offer long distance moving services for these situations:

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Business Relocation
  • College Moving
  • Estate Moving

We have the heavy-duty equipment and nimble crew you need to complete a long distance move with ease. From household moves to commercial relocations, KingPin Services is the local company to count on.

Get Prepped Before Service

Our licensed crew is set to get you moving whenever you’re ready to go. You can help our team by prepping your space before we arrive for the most organized and time-efficient service possible.

We can provide boxes and tape if requested for long distance moves, and you are also free to use your materials if preferred. If there are items that you plan to leave or trash, please remove them from the service area if possible.

Make sure all walkways and pathways are clear of any obstacles so that our crew can work without interference. To protect floors from scuffs and dirt while we help you move, consider setting a tarp down on the work area before we arrive.

Go the extra mile and save some parking space outside your site so our crew can set up as close as possible to your front entrance. Be available or have a trusted representative on the premises during the day of service so that we can finish the job quickly and efficiently with your guidance.

Finally, let us know of any special instructions needed to get to your new location (gate access codes, driving instructions, etc.) to remove any possible confusion during the moving trip.

We can operate with a crew of up to ten people, and we utilize 26 foot and 13 foot trucks depending on the job. Note that while we do move pianos and gun safes for an additional rate, we do NOT move spas or pool tables.

We work at no additional charge between floor levels and weekends. Based on the square footage of your site, KingPin Services will work anywhere from 3-8+ hours during packing services.

Why Choose KingPin Services

With over fifteen years staff experience in providing local and long distance moving services for residential and commercial jobs, KingPin Services is the most qualified choice to get you situated smoothly.

As a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in being able to offer competitive rates upfront for the tier of excellence we give, with every service booked. We treat every client we serve like family, personalizing our professional services to everyone’s unique situation. Whether you’re moving your family at home or your family at work, KingPin Services is there to help keep your life progressing forward.

Our licensed contractors, top-of-the-line equipment, and commitment to excellence in service has contributed to our strong ratings on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Book with KingPin Services and see for yourself why we stand out from the rest!