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Snow Plowing

Pollock Pines receives an average of forty-two inches of snow per year. KingPin Services helps you take that load off and away from your property. Our expert labor team will help clear your path and keep you on the move with as little inconvenience as possible. We offer speedy snow plowing using top of the line equipment, protecting you from water and ice damage.

Our Customers Love us:

James C

Bird in a hand

You guys are doing a great job! Keeping up on the snow plow game! Rough work. Little sleep and long hours. Taking care of the Pony Express Station Plaza and knocking out the big berm at my house. THANKS, A TON!! “Maybe more!”

James C.

Jason K.

Jason K.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the help that they have provided. I’m sure in some circumstances communication was lost somewhere. I have never had any problem communicating with them or getting the help I needed at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend Kingpin as the only snow removal service I’ll ever turn to.

Jason K.


flowing river

What’s amazing to me is the entitled world we live in. The bad reviews for this company is because people think companies should work for free! Kingpin actually does lots of work for free! This company came into our little community and immediately started supporting the community, both homeowners and businesses!